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Cantore (Latin for “singers”) is ten men who love to sing. Its members come from many walks of life. Outside of singing, they teach, preach, program software and databases, lead non-profits, farm, write, sell things, or are retired. Their common bond is making good a cappella music. They are also active in Harrisonburg, Virginia, area Mennonite churches. Their repertoire draws from a variety of styles and traditions, from standard religious choral works, international, classical, bluegrass gospel, spirituals, folk, and hymn arrangements. The group’s predecessor was a men’s quartet begun in 1999. In 2001 it doubled to eight, and named itself Cantore. It finally settled to an ideal size of ten voices. Most performances are in church settings. Other venues include banquets, festivals, retirement communities, and civic events. It has also performed in several male chorus festivals, and has toured to Pennsylvania, Ohio, Mississippi, Louisiana, and Florida. Performances total over 300 from 2002 through 2017.

Cantore has no conductor, per se. While one of its members gives primary direction, all members are involved in developing consensus on style and musical interpretation. Members often bring songs to rehearsals and make suggestions, expanding the repertoire and bringing new and interesting possibilities. Members switch voice parts occasionally, depending on the song. Current members of the group, listed in order of voice part, from high tenor to low bass, are: Jeff Myers, Jim Hershberger, Robert Maust, Jeremy Nafziger, Phil Kniss, David Clymer, Sam Kauffman, Jeffrey Smoker, and Don Bomberger.

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